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Logic Games Download

  Here you can freely download a games pack that includes 9 logic games, namely:  Ataxx,   Battleship,   Dots & Boxes,    Gomoku,   Minesweeper,   Russian Checkers,    Snake,   7 shapes,   15 puzzle.


  The logic games are free to play, download and redistribute. However, if you put the archive with the games on your Web site, please make sure to specify the source and link back to youvscomputer.com. You can use code like this:
  <a href="http://youvscomputer.com/">Logic Games for Linux, Mac, Solaris, Windows</a>


1. Download and install Java 1.5 or later from www.java.com - it's safe and free platform for browser games. Skip this step if you already played any of the above-mentioned logic games online - this means that you have the needed version of Java.
2. Download the Logic Games Pack using this link: logicgames.zip.
3. Extract the contents of the logicgames.zip archive to some folder on your computer. Usually, you do it by right-clicking the file and selecting an appropriate option in the context menu.
4. Navigate to the folder where you unpacked the archive and open the index.html file with your Web browser (just double-click it).
Now you can play the desired game.


  Local versions of the logic games do not send any statistical information to the youvscomputer.com Web site, therefore you do not participate in the playing statistics. So train at home and come here to beat the high-scores!


  If the games do not run after you installed the required version of Java, please make sure that Java is enabled in your Web browser. Below are instructions on how to enable Java in some popular browsers:
  • Internet Explorer
    Point to Tools > Internet Options, select the Advanced tab, scroll down to "Java (Sun)", check the box next to the Java version; select the Security tab and click the Custom Level button, scroll down to "Scripting of Java applets", make sure the Enable radio button is checked.

  • Firefox
    In the Edit menu, select Preferences, go to the Content tab and tick the Enable Java checkbox.

  • Safari
    Choose Safari > Preferences, click Security, check Enable Java.

  • Opera
    In the Tools menu, point to Preferences, in the Preferences window switch to the Advanced tab, go to the Content section and check the Enable Java box.

  If you use a different browser, please follow this link: Enable Java in a browser

Any feedback is welcome at:    @ youvscomputer.com