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Chrome and Opera do not support in-browser Java-games anymore. Try using Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari instead.

To play the game outside the browser, please save the 15 puzzle launcher and run it.

If the game doesn't load, please Install Java.

15 puzzle: game rules and control

  To start a new game, point to Game > New in the menu.
  An image is split into square pieces of the same size and these pieces are mixed. Your task is to restore the original image moving the pieces within the grid.
  One of the pieces (which is at the lower right corner of the original image) is taken off before mixing, so there is one empty cell in the grid and you are allowed to move to this cell one of the neighbouring pieces (right, left, upper or lower). As you move a piece to an empty cell, the other cell becomes free, so you can move another piece to it.
  To see the seamless original image, either click the Show image button or just right-click somewhere in the game area - this will bring up a window holding the complete image.
  A piece is moved to the empty cell using one of the keyboard arrow keys. At that:
  • right arrow moves the piece which is to the left from the empty cell;
  • left arrow moves the piece which is to the right from the empty cell;
  • up arrow moves the piece which is below the empty cell;
  • down arrow moves the piece which is above the empty cell.
  If the arrow keys do not work, please double-click the game field.
  At the top of the game field there is a counter of your moves - the less moves you do to restore the original image, the smarter you are ;)
  By default, the image is split into 15 pieces (4x4 grid). You can complicate the game by setting a higher dimension (5x5 or 6x6) or train at an easy level - 3x3. To do it, point to Options > Field size in the menu and select the desired option in the dialog that appears.
  You can also select a different image via the Image dialog. To open the dialog, point to Options > Image.

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