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To play the game outside the browser, please save the Dots & Boxes launcher and run it.

If the game doesn't load, please Install Java.

Dots & Boxes: game rules and control

  You play the game with the mouse. The goal is to capture more squares than your opponent - the computer. Making a move each player paints an edge of a cell in the grid - you do it by clicking the desired edge. The edges you click are painted with red and the moves made by the computer are marked with yellow.
Squares 2x2
  If 3 of the 4 edges of any cell are already painted,
Squares 2x2 - Capturing a cell
painting the 4th edge makes this cell yours - so you "capture" it.
  The captured cell is filled with the owner's color and that player gets an extra move.
  The game is over when all edges are painted. The winner is the player who owns more squares.
  By default the size of the game field is 3x3 but you can change it through the Options menu.
  To start a new game, point to Game > New in the menu.

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