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To play the game outside the browser, please save the Gomoku launcher and run it.

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Gomoku: game rules and control

  This game is also known as Five in a Row. There are two players - you and the computer.
  You play with blue noughts (O) and the computer uses red crosses (X). Making a move, each player puts their token into an empty cell of the square grid (you do it with a single mouse click).
  The goal is to get a seamless row consisting of 5 of your tokens - it can follow horizontally, vertically or along any of the two diagonals.
  Below you can see two example positions that indicate a victory of a human playing Gomoku vs computer:
Gomoku - vertical row
Gomoku - diagonal row
  The player who gets such a row first, wins. Therefore, while trying to compose a row, you should also prevent the computer from doing the same.
  Once any of the players lays out five of their tokens in a row, you are informed of the game results through a dialog. Upon closing that dialog, the game field is cleared and you can play another round.

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