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Chrome and Opera do not support in-browser Java-games anymore. Try using Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari instead.

To play the game outside the browser, please save the Minesweeper launcher and run it.

If the game doesn't load, please Install Java.

Minesweeper: game rules and control

  You are dealing with a field full of hidden mines and your task is very risky and important: you need to disclose all of the mines only using hints found in some cells of the grid. A cell of the grid can hold a mine, a hint or nothing. You can tell the computer to reveal the contents of a certain cell by clicking it with the left mouse button.
  The cell can be empty - this means that there are no mines neither in the cell itself nor in the cells surrounding it. If the clicked cell is empty but some of the neighbouring cells contain mines, the cell holds the number of the mines around it - this is the hint you can use to guess where mines are located. Cells
However, if you click a cell that contains a mine, you are considered to be killed by the explosion and the game is over - the smile on the button becomes sad. So, keep it in mind - you have no chance to make a mistake!
  If you suspect that a certain cell holds a mine, you should mark it with the red flag. To do it, either click that cell with the right mouse button or holding Ctrl, click the cell with the left mouse button. Flags
  The latter option was added for Mac users so that they can play Minesweeper with the single-button mouse.
  To remove the flag, just right-click (or left-click, holding Ctrl) the cell again.
  Once the number and positions of the red flags on the field coincides with the number and locations of the hidden mines, your mission is completed and you are honoured as the winner in a special manner - the smile in the button gets dark glasses and blows a green bubblegum:
Successful play
  Click the button with the smile to start another game.
  You can select a more difficult level in the combo box - this will increase the size of the game field.

You can learn more about the Minesweeper game from Wikipedia: Minesweeper game