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Ataxx: game rules and control

  Two players, you and the computer, make moves in turn on a square field.
  You start with one chip which acts like a virus: it can reproduce itself and infects all of the neighbours - if your chip appears near the chips of the opponent, all of them are morphed into your tokens (that is why this game was originally called "Infection"). Thus, your are involved in the fight of viruses and the ultimate goal is to occupy more territory than your enemy.
  To make a move, click one of your tokens (X) - this will mark it as selected: Ataxx: selected chip
  Now you have two options:
1) To create a clone, you should click the next but one cell - you will get a new token there; Ataxx: making a clone
2) To make a sudden attack, click a cell that is within one cell from the selected token - the selected chip will "jump" to the new cell. Ataxx: jumping
In either case, all chips of the opponent which are near the cell to which you made your last move are transformed to your tokens.
Note: The computer responds very quickly, so you will often see that right after your move most of the captured chips are returned to its army again.
  The game is over when there are no possible moves. The winner is the player who has more chips on the field.
  To start a new game, point to Game > New in the menu.

You can learn more about the history of the Ataxx game and its variations from Wikipedia: Ataxx game