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To play the game outside the browser, please save the 7 shapes launcher and run it.

If the game doesn't load, please Install Java.

7 shapes: game rules and control

  To start the game, point to Game > Start in the menu.
  The computer throws a figure in a verical glass and it starts to fall down. The figure can be of any of the following 7 types:
  While the figure is falling, you can move it to the right or to the left using the corresponding arrow keys on the keyboard. In addition, you can rotate the figure by 90 degrees pressing the up arrow key.
  If the arrow keys do not work, please double-click the game field.
  Once the falling figure reaches the bottom, the computer throws in another figure. Hence, the glass is filled up with figures very quickly and at some point there will be no space for another figure. If this happens, your game will be over. Therefore, your primary task is to escape this situation. How? - You have an ability to empty some space in the glass. If you lay figures so that a solid horizontal line is put together, such a line is deleted and the rest staff goes down:
Single line completed
Single line completed
Single line deleted
Single line deleted
And this happens not only with a line at the bottom - any solid line disappears:
Line completed
Line completed
Line deleted
Line deleted
  For each destroyed line you are awarded with some points. Since the figures produced by the computer are of different shapes, it is possible to get several solid lines simultaneously (with just one figure dropped). For example, 3 lines can be done as follows:
Triple completed
Triple completed
Triple deleted
Triple deleted
  Thus, except single lines you can make:
  • double of 2 lines,
  • triple of 3 lines,
  • tetris of 4 lines.
  For 2 or more simultaneously made solid lines you get more points than if you make the same number of lines one by one. Therefore, if you only make single lines, you will have less points than the player who does doubles and triples at the same level. The levels are tied to the number of destroyed lines as follows:
Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Lines 1 2 4 8 16 32 64 128 256 512 1024
  The speed of figures' moving increases as you reach a new level and this makes it harder and harder to play. So your secondary goal (besides emptying the glass) is to get more points using less figures. The quality of playing is measured by the total score at each level.
  You can pause the game at any moment either by pressing P or by selecting the Pause item in the Game menu. To continue the paused game, either press S or select Start in the Game menu.
  Sometimes you need to speed up moving of a figure - press the spacebar and the current figure will fall 8 times fatser.
  To begin a new game, point to Game > New in the menu.

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