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Russian Checkers: game rules and control

    The game is played by two players on a square 8x8 board that consists of dark and light squares. There are two small "armies" of round pieces on the board: black and white. By default, you play with white pieces and the computer plays black. Each army consists of 12 pieces which only stand on the dark squares of the board. Initially, pieces of the same color occupy 3 adjacent rows of the board closer to one of the board edges (top or bottom). The players make moves in turn trying to capture more pieces of the opponent and not to lose the units of their own army.


  A piece can only move diagonally and there are 2 types of moves:
  1. An ordinary move - moving one cell forward to an empty cell (two possible moves of the piece are marked on the image): Ordinary Move
  2. A jump - moving a piece over the opponent's piece onto an empty cell behind it: Jump
  At that, the opponent's piece is considered to be captured and is removed from the board: Jump end
  Unlike the ordinary moves, jumps can also be made backwards: Jump backwards
If your piece can make another jump right upon landing, you do it during the same move, that is multiple jumps are allowed:
Multiple jump
  Note! If you can make a jump, you must do it and are not allowed to make an ordinary move.
  If the same piece can jump over different pieces, you are free to choose the desired way:
Jump paths


  When a piece reaches the last row it becomes a king - a powerful unit which can move through any number of empty cells both forward and backward:
King moves
  A king can also make forward and backward jumps like an ordinary piece. However, it doesn't necessarily need to land right after the captured piece of the opponent, it can stop at any empty cell along the chosen diagonal: King jump
  Of course, kings can make multiple jumps.
  If a piece becomes a king while capturing a piece of the opponent, it continues jumping as a king - if there is such an opportunity.


  To make a move, click the desired piece - it is highlighted and its possible moves are marked with gray rectangles. Then click one of the marked fields to move the piece to it.
  The game is over if one of the players either loses all of its pieces or is unable to make a move. There can also be a draw if both players have kings but cannot capture each other and repeat the same moves again and again.
  To start a new game point to Game -> New in the menu.
  You can get acquainted with the game by viewing playing of two computers in the Demo mode - select Game -> Demo from the menu.
  To play black pieces, enable the appropriate option in the Options menu.
  The Mark paths option enables highlighting of possible moves with digits. This is useful in complex situations where the same piece can capture several pieces of the opponent in different ways.

You can learn more about the Russian Checkers game from Wikipedia: Russian Checkers game