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Scoregamites Unite! Help Joel free his friends from The Royal Tyrant in this brain-teasing adventure-laced puzzle game!

Scramball 2

Escape dangerous mazes as quickly as you can to earn terrific Trophies and gigantic gems! Can you explore the different worlds?


Scribble up a storm! Grab a crayon and connect the dots as quickly as possible in this whirlwind arcade game!

Scribble States!

Put your geography skills to the test! Connect the dots and name the states in with this cartographic puzzle game!

Scribble Two

More dots, bigger screens, faster fun! Quickly connect the dots in this spectacular sequel to "Scribble!"

Sea Guard

Rule a warship and neutralize the threat of terrorists by providing safety in the shipping routes.

Sea Journey

Experience a thrilling battle at sea in this unique Match 3 game. Use your wits to upgrade your ship and launch the attack!


Brush up on your geometry piloting a star through storms of malicious shapes in this exciting action arcade game!

Sheep Pool

Round your sheep into their pockets in this addictive action game.

Shi Sen

Use patience and careful strategy to clear the board of Mah Jong tiles in this stimulating puzzle game!


Not even black and white is always black and white! Guide Patient 32763 through a shifting maze in this natty adventure game!

Shift 2

Black is white, down is up, and so are left and right! Return to the two-tone labyrinth in this exciting sequel to "Shift!"

Shift 3

A massive Adventure mode takes you deep into the roots of the SHIFT experiment with tons of achievements.

Shopping Marathon

Indulge yourself in a Shopping Marathon with this combination of bubble-popping and number-puzzle fun!


Try your hand at this unique blend of mahjong madness!


Find the matching Silhouette in this tricky Puzzle game! Score as many points as you can, and pick only the matching one.

Silhouette Game

Figure out what the object is based only on its silhouette as quickly as you can! Earn points and beat the Silhouette Game!


Find the unique figure, as quickly as you can, to earn points! How long can you last and how high can you get your score?

Sister Act

Pull some pranks on your sister but try not to get caught by your parents! Scare your sister out of your room!

Skeet Shooting

Test your aim with a rifle in Skeet Shooting! Shoot down as many targets as you can to progress in this fun Arcade game!
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